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Direxact tip: Direxact offers three different user roles: Admin, Business Owner and User.

In Direxact, we understand the importance of having different user roles to manage various aspects of the platform efficiently. This document will outline the three primary user roles available in Direxact: Admin, Business Owner, and User. Each role has distinct privileges and responsibilities, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

Permission levels

There are 3 types of permission levels in Direxact.



Has all admin privileges

Business Owner

Can edit and manage their own business listings


Can only view listings, leave reviews, comment and purchase

  1. Admin Role:

The Admin role is designed for those who have overall responsibility for managing the platform. Users assigned to the Admin role have access to a wide range of features and capabilities, including:

a. Managing user accounts: Admins can add, edit, or remove user accounts, and assign specific roles to each user.

b. Moderating content: Admins have the authority to review and approve or reject submitted business listings, reviews, and comments.

c. Managing business categories: Admins can create, edit, or delete business categories to ensure that listings are organized and easy to find.

d. Accessing platform settings: Admins can configure various platform settings, such as payment gateways, email templates, and general site settings.

e. Generating reports: Admins can generate reports on platform usage, user activity, and financial transactions.

  1. Business Owner Role:

The Business Owner role is designed for individuals or companies who want to list their businesses on Direxact. Users assigned to the Business Owner role have the following privileges:

a. Adding and managing business listings: Business Owners can create new listings for their businesses, edit existing listings, and manage their visibility on the platform.

b. Responding to reviews and comments: Business Owners can engage with users by replying to their reviews and comments on the business listings.

c. Managing promotions and deals: Business Owners can create and manage promotional offers or discounts for their businesses.

d. Accessing performance insights: Business Owners can view analytics and insights related to their business listings, such as views, clicks, and conversions.

  1. User Role:

The User role is intended for the general public who use Direxact to discover businesses, read reviews, and make purchases. Users have limited privileges compared to the Admin and Business Owner roles, which include:

a. Browsing business listings: Users can search for and view business listings on the platform.

b. Leaving reviews and comments: Users can submit reviews and comments on the business listings they have interacted with or purchased from.

c. Making purchases: Users can make purchases or book services through the platform, if enabled by the Business Owner.

d. Creating a personal profile: Users can create and manage their own profile, including personal information, profile picture, and past interactions with businesses.

Understanding the different user roles in Direxact ensures a smooth experience for all users while maintaining a well-organized and secure platform. By assigning the appropriate roles to each user, you can effectively manage the platform's functionality and maintain a high level of user satisfaction.

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