🪄Image Dimentions

In the Direxact platform, images play a crucial role in enhancing the visual appeal of your website and providing a consistent user experience. This document provides a guide to the recommended image dimensions for various elements, ensuring that your images are displayed optimally and contribute to your site's overall design.

  1. Business Assets:

Business assets include logos and listing cover images. To ensure consistency and visual balance, follow these guidelines for business asset dimensions:

a. Logos: - Ratio: Maintain a 1:1 ratio for logo images, ensuring a square format. - Shape: Logos should be completely round to fit within the designated logo area.

b. Listings Cover Images: - Dimensions: Use images with a size of 500 px x 300 px for optimal display. - Display Width: Listing cover images should maintain a width of 270 px in both desktop and mobile views for consistent presentation across devices.

  1. User Assets:

User assets, such as cover images, play a significant role in personalizing user profiles and enhancing the overall user experience. Follow these guidelines for user asset dimensions:

a. Cover Image: - Dimensions: Use images with a size of 500 px x 175 px for optimal display and to ensure that the cover image fits within the designated area.

By following this guide on image dimensions for Direxact, you can create a visually appealing and consistent website that showcases your content effectively. Properly sized images not only contribute to a professional appearance but also improve user experience and engagement. Ensure that you adhere to these recommendations when uploading images to your Direxact-based website.

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