Setting up Segments

In MailerLite, segments are saved filters. They’re dynamic and automatically update when your list grows. You can build filter conditions based on groups, fields, signup date, time zone, campaigns, automation workflows, and time inactive. Segmentation is a powerful tool that allows you to target or organize specific audiences within your mailing list. A Segment is an organized list of subscribers automatically generated by a set of conditions.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for setting up segments in Mailer Lite:

  1. Go to the Subscribers tab.

  2. You can add segments in 2 different ways:

    • Use the filter system to create different conditions and then press Save as segment. Give your new segment a name and click Create.

    • Navigate to Segments and click Create segment. Give it a name and click Create. Then use the filter system to create conditions that you want your subscribers to meet.

  3. Once a segment is created, all past and future subscribers who meet those conditions will be included in the segment automatically.

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