Sales Webhook

Now it's time to set up webhooks on your Stripe dashboard. These webhooks will let your application know a payment has been processed and a series of actions will happen on your application's backend.

Follow these instructions to setup the webhooks on your application and Stripe dashboard:

  1. Go to the Backend Workflows section of your Direxact installation.

  2. On the left side, select the Stripe Connect folder.

  3. Click the stripe-connect-sale workflow.

  1. Click on the Detect Data button.

  1. Click on the URL provided on the popup to copy.

Now, head to your Stripe account dashboard. Once you're on the Stripe dashboard, let's setup the webhooks we need to make sure we can capture all the payment data we need.

  1. Click on the Developers button on the header.

  2. While on the Developers dashboard, click on the Webhooks button.

  3. Click Add an Endpoint

Now that you are in the webhook configuration window, it's time to setup the webhook.

  1. Add the URL you copied from the backend workflow into the Endpoint URL input.

  2. Add a description that will help oyu remember what the webhook accomplished.

  3. Since you're collection the transaction on behalf of an store owner, select the Events on connected accounts option.

  4. Click the Select Events button to select the event to send in the webhook.

  1. Select the checkout.session.completed event and click the Add events button.

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