Adding your Stripe keys to your project

Step 1: Navigate to the plugin settings

Once you have installed the Stripe plugin, you can see it listed in the "Plugins" tab. Click on the 'Stripe' plugin to access its settings.

Step 2: Enter your API Keys

Inside the Stripe plugin settings, you will see various fields, I want you to focus on the following for this step. Fill these fields with the respective keys you got from your Stripe dashboard:

  • Live Publishable Key: Enter the 'pk_live_...' key here.

  • Live Secret Key: Enter the 'sk_live_...' key here.

  • Development Publishable Key: Enter the 'pk_live_...' key here.

  • Development Secret Key: Enter the 'sk_live_...' key here.

Step 3: Save your changes

Changes made to your API keys in your plugin dashboard are saved automatically.

In the next page, we will explain how to setup the multi vendor portion.

Now, your Stripe plugin in Bubble has been configured with your API keys, and you are ready to use Stripe's features within your application.

Please note: Treat your API keys as sensitive data and keep them secure. Avoid sharing them publicly or with anyone who doesn't need access to them. If you believe your keys have been compromised, you can roll them from your Stripe Dashboard at any time, which will generate new keys. Remember to update these keys in your Bubble app if you do so.

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